about us

Our Mission

Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory (ADL) was founded with the purpose of providing patient-centered, value-based, actionable laboratory results for our clients. Our leadership has over 60 years of laboratory experience and stands ready to serve the needs of the global community.

Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory is certified according to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) for high complexity laboratory testing in all fields of service. CLIA certification demonstrates ADL’s unwavering commitment to patient care.

Swift results have never been more important than in the face of COVID-19. We understand time is of the essence, and just as important is accuracy. ADL has introduced an accurate COVID-19 test to fight back against the pandemic. Considered the gold standard, due to its precision, ADL’s COVID-19 test has the capability to detect infection in its earliest stages and produce a quick turnaround time. Once our lab receives the test, you can expect results within 48-72 hours. We have accomplished this by adapting the test to a fast, reliable high throughput format which provides results for thousands of samples and increasing capacity daily within a single business day of receipt.

ADL is working around the clock to ensure healthcare providers, managed care facilities, employers, state and local governments and the like, from all over the country, get the results they need for their community. We are dedicated to doing our part in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and saving as many lives as possible.

At ADL, we believe that meticulous technical processes and best practices are only fully realized when their benefits are accessible to every member of the team.

Along those lines, we have built a company with no gaps. No bureaucracy. No insurmountable chain of command.

From our owners engaged in strategic planning and our senior scientists in the lab, to sales specialists on the road, every employee is fully accountable. Fully accessible.  

Our Core Values

COVID-19 testing is essential for reopening businesses and communities. Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory is working to get businesses up and running again by ensuring a safe, secure workforce for you and your staff. Testing your employees for COVID-19 is essential for your business to:

  • Re-open business
  • Restore a productive workforce and welcome employees back to work
  • Meet customer demand for goods/services and generate revenue
  • Ensure customer and employee confidence by creating a safe and healthy environment
  • Provide the data to local, state and federal government, as well as medical experts to aid in research
  • Stimulate the local and national economy
  • Stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus

ADL stands ready to provide peace of mind, the ability to take the necessary actions based on results, keep your business up and running while ensuring safety. Call us today!