about us

ADL Health is an molecular diagnostics group which develops and commercializes genetic products and services. The group works in partnership with global leaders in DNA technology to advance diagnostic science.

ADL health develops simple and accurate molecular diagnostic solutions, for reproductive health, precision medicine and infectious diseases. The Group’s products include non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPT) for Down’s Syndrome and other genetic disorders, non-invasive aneuploidy tests, toxicology, urinary tract infections, pneumonia/respiratory, nail pathology, wound care, women’s health and general wellness.

The launch of ADL Health’s Genomic Services has enabled a global laboratory service network equipped to be a full life-cycle partner for clinical research and phamaceutical organizations to support partners at the pre-clinical, clinical, and post-market stages to develop, manufacture, obtain regulatory approval and commercialize new products and services. In addition, ADL offers a NIPT and high throughput COVID testing service.

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molecular testing & Toxicology

Our molecular sciences team is proud to offer validated laboratory analyses including:

  • NIPT Non-Invasive Pre-Natal Testing)
  • Extended Respiratory Panel
  • UTI
  • Wound Care Panel
  • Prescription Compliance Toxicology Panel
  • Urine Validity Testing
  • Urinalysis