Enhancing existing prenatal screening pathways for pregnant women with fast, reliable results while reducing the need for invasive tests and the associated patient stress and anxiety. 

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

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A comprehensive test panel

The Prenatal NIPT PreCheckTM test is available as a clinical service at Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory, based in San Antonio, Texas. The PreCheck test is a prenatal screening test which is offered to pregnant women to estimate the risk that their fetus may be affected with:

• Trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome)

• Trisomy 18 (Edwards’ syndrome)

• Trisomy 13 (Patau’s syndrome)

• Low re-draw rate

• Measures fetal fraction

• 45,X (Turner syndrome)

• 47,XXX (Trisomy X)

• 47,XXY (Klinefelter syndrome)

• 47,XYY (Jacob’s syndrome)


Extraordinary Turnaround Times

3-5 Business Days

Collection Instructions

Blood collection in Streck tube.
Min. Volume - 1 tube
Preferred Volume - 1-2 tubes


Streck Tube


6 to 37°C (Blood)
-80 to -20°C (Serum)


7 days (6 to 37°C Blood)
30 days (-80 to -20°C Serum)

Rejection Criteria

Improper transport; Insufficient volume; Outside stability

How Does the PreCheck™ Prenatal
NIPT test works?


Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

The PreCheck® test directly measures chormosomal DNA ratios in maternal plasma to calculate the risks of the fetus being affected with genetic conditions such as trisomy 21, 13 or 18. During pregnancy the placenta leaks cell-free DNA which circulates in the maternal bloodstream. As a result, a maternal plasma sample contains a mixture of placental and maternal cell free DNA fragments. The PreCheck® test employs Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies to count the number of fragments of each chromosome and then calculates a patient-specific risk of the pregnancy being affected by a condition. The PreCheck® test utilizes the Illumina platform called the NextSeq.

Why choose the PreCheck™ Prenatal NIPT?

NIPT national screening

Internal NIPT which allows local and national screening for pregnant women, with labs based in San Antonio, TX

Fetal fraction

Measures fetal fraction of cell free DNA

Results Available ≥ 4%

Fetal Fraction %

Patient-specific risk score

Based on maternal age.

Low re-draw rate

Simple and convenient

Consent forms and compliant sample packaging kits are available from ADL Health for simple and convenient shipping of samples.


The PreCheck™ simple send out process

A maternal blood sample is taken at or after 10 weeks gestation. ADL Health recommends a 10ml blood sample using a Streck cell free DNA BCT tube. 

  • The blood is stable in Streck cell-free DNA BCT CE tubes for up to 7 days, if stored and transported at 6 – 37°C. The plasma is then extracted on receipt at the analysis laboratory. 
  • ADL’s PreCheck test kit comes with all materials for a safe collection and delivery to the laboratory for analysis. 

Who can have the PreCheck™ prenatal test?

Unsuitable if the mother has:

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