Starting June 1st adl health is offering rt-pcr and RAPID antigen testing solutions for international travel. you can travel confidently and meet your destinations entry requirements including re-entry into the united states.

How it works

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schedule test

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Pack your tests before
leaving the United States

Begin test session

Activate kit before
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Receive test results

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enjoy your trip

You tested negative!
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ADL Health has partnered with CommonPass, a digital health app that enables travelers to present standardized, verifiable proof that they tested negative for COVID-19, to make your travel experience even better! 

Passengers who use CommonPass can streamline the pre-travel COVID-19 testing verifications in Hawaii’s embarkation card and will get to skip the main screening process line in the Hawaiian airport by getting access to the fast pass lane.

For more information on how to use the free app and gain access to the airport fast pass lane, click HERE.

ADL Health
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Order Your Test Kit

Order Your Kit

Order your COVID-19 Antigen rapid tests

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Order your Antigen HomeCollect™ kit a week in advance so you have plenty of time to receive it before you need to test.

Ship the test to your U.S. address prior to departing from the U.S. and take it with you on your international travels.


Schedule your time slot so a ADL Health representative can guide you through the testing process.


If you do not see messages in your inbox check your spam folder for emails from ADL Health. Watch for your results and enjoy your trip!

International testing
us → international

If you’re returning to the US, you’ll need to receive your negative result before your flight date. ADL Health has teamed up with CommonPass to help passengers comply with US and international entry requirements. With the assistance of CommonPass APP QR Code you are just a scan away from global travel!

adl health offers a fast and easy at home testing solution for international travel.

In these times of uncertainty, we’re proud to help passengers like you get where you need to go with confidence.


Important Information Before and During Your Travel

Given the high volume of administered testing you may experience longer than usual wait times

The CDC requires that if you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get tested no more than 3 days before you travel by air into the United States (US) and show your negative result to the airline beofre you board your flight.

You must download and register the Common Pass app while in the U.S. before departing to your destination. Traveling couples and groups remember each unique traveler must have their own test kit.

To successfully finish the test, you must access to a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer with a camera, broadband internet connection and proof of identity.

You must have at least 20 minutes available to complete the virtually guided test with a live ADL Health Certified Guide.