United Airlines is partnering with ADL Health (ADL) to facilitate reliable, widespread test results for people traveling to the State of Hawaii. Beginning with flights departing on December 17th, United customers traveling to Hawaii will be able to take a self-collected, mail-in test provided by ADL Health. This simple, at-home test is convenient and meets all of Hawaii’s pre-travel testing program requirements.

The state of Hawaii recognizes ADL Health as a trusted testing partner through its partnership with United Airlines.


Effective Tuesday, november 24, 2020 - New Policy for pre-travel testing to hawaii


Here's what you need to know

Starting October 15, the beautiful State of Hawaii began its pre-travel testing program, offering guests traveling from the U.S. Mainland to Hawaii the option to avoid a 14-day self-quarantine period. As of Nov. 24, negative test results must be received prior to the final leg of travel into Hawaii. Otherwise, the State of Hawaii requires that you quarantine for 14 days or the length of your stay, whichever is shorter. Click here for more information.


ADL Health has made it easy and convenient for you to take a valid COVID-19 test, in the comfort of your home, no more than 72 hours prior to the final leg of departure and show proof of a negative test result upon arrival in Hawaii to be exempt from self-quarantine.

Please be aware, that without taking a test 72 hours prior to departure, The State of Hawaii has a 14-day mandatory self-quarantine in place for U.S. Mainland or International travelers arriving in the state, as well as for inter-island travelers arriving to Hawaii Island.


Hawaii requires negative test results to be uploaded to the State of Hawaii database. For more information visit travel.hawaii.gov.

More information about the state’s requirements can be found on the Hawaii Tourism Authority’s COVID updates page.

**For the most recent State of Hawaii guidelines, click here. 

ADL Health
Testing Recommendation

Plan Ahead

Order your HomeCollect™ kit a week in advance so you have plenty of time to receive it before you need to test three days prior to travel. To ensure an easy process please follow the calendar testing guidelines.

Schedule Zoom Call

Schedule your time slot for ADL Health’s Zoom room and drop off at UPS early to ensure package is delivered to the lab the next day.
Schedule Zoom Call

Enjoy Your Trip

If you do not see messages in your inbox check your spam folder for emails from ADL Health. Watch for your results and enjoy your trip to Hawaii.
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Make sure to take your test over Zoom in the morning and deliver your test to your local UPS Store before the last air pick-up time for the day. Your kit needs to ship out on the day you administer the test via Zoom appointment. Please make sure that your test is dropped at a verified UPS Store, not a drop box or 3rd-party affiliate. Click here to find the closest UPS Store near you.

If taking your test on a Saturday, please verify with your local UPS store that the store has Saturday UPS Air Pickups. Please note, UPS hours vary on Saturday, depending on your specific location.

We advise that you order your test at least one week before you plan on taking it.

Shipping from Maui, Kauai, Hawaii Island, Molokai, and Lanai may require an additional shipping day which may lead to results being provided outside of the 72-hour testing window. Please plan accordingly or consider a different testing solution.

FOR PASSENGERS TRAVELING ON TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS: Please note due to no UPS shipping on Sundays and an increase in UPS holiday traffic, we encourage passengers to be mindful of potential shipping delays. Be advised, ADL Health has no control over any unforeseen shipping delays. If you have any concerns and are traveling on either Tuesday or Wednesday, you may want to consider alternative testing options.

Please refer to our terms and conditions as ALL sales are FINAL. ADL Health does not provide refunds for shipping delays.

Shipping outside the United States may require additional fees. Please speak with our customer service team about international shipping.


How it works

covid testing for travellers going to hawaii

Hawaii Travel Frequently Asked Questions

The State of Hawaii recognizes ADL Health as a trusted testing partner through its partnership with United Airlines. This test is accepted by the State of Hawaii for entry.

The State of Hawaii requires travelers to upload their test results to the State of Hawaii’s Safe Travels website. The results must come back. Here is how to upload those results.

First go to https://travel.hawaii.gov/

Set up your profile if you have not already for a past trip, and if you are traveling with kids under 18, be sure to add them first under your profile. Tests are required for children 5 and older.

Then, click on “trips” and then “add trip.” Follow all the prompts there.

Go back to the home page and click on “documents.” This is where you can upload test results, click on “upload file” and follow all the prompts. Do this for each traveler on your profile. Test results must be in PDF. For your convenience ADL Health provides the Hawaii report form in PDF format. Your results come to you via encrypted email.

ADL Health wants you to have a good experience and recommend the timing table we have provided on our website. Please make a plan; shipping is handled by UPS and days and hours of operation vary by location – please note that the test will need to be dropped off to UPS by their last air pick-up time. For those shipping to/from Maui, Kauai, Hawaii Island, Molokai or Lanai, please add an additional shipping day.

Guests are responsible for ensuring timely response times. If a UPS cut-off time is missed, the lab will not receive the test kit on time to report results prior to travel. ADL is NOT responsible for package or delivery delays.

For drop-off, please ONLY use UPS store locations or UPS Customer Center Facility. Our recommendation is you NOT use a UPS drop off box nor a UPS Access point retail store. Do NOT drop off your sample at a pharmacy or convenience store even if it has a UPS drop off option.

The State of Hawaii requires this test to be monitored! Please check your email for instructions to schedule monitoring via Zoom. Unmonitored testing will NOT qualify for travel to Hawaii and is non-refundable. Please follow the directions that come with your test kit. Do not test before your Zoom appointment. You can also schedule your Zoom appointment on ADL’s Hawaii travel information page at www.adlhealth.com/hawaii.

Anyone over age two can be tested. A parent or legal guardian must make order the test(s) for anyone under the age of 18.

 Minors (four years and younger) are not required to take the pre-travel test per Hawai’i state regulations, but they are still eligible for testing if you received a link from United Airlines. A parent or legal guardian must make the order to get a test kit for minors.

Yes, ADL Health’s COVID-19 HomeCollect™ test is accepted by the State of Hawaii through its partnership with United Airlines. ADL’s test is a NAAT test (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test).


  1. Take a test within 72 hours of your departure. Board your flight with your NEGATIVE result and fill out the declaration form at your destination.
  2. Travel without taking a test, and quarantine for 14 days at your destination. Travelers who do take a test but do not receive their results prior to departure must also quarantine for 14 days.

 At any time, if you test POSITIVE, you must isolate and NOT travel.

At any time, if you feel SYMPTOMS, you must isolate and get tested.

 For more information, please visit hawaiicovid19.com/travel.

ADL Health will email your results using the contact information you will input when you purchase the test. Please make sure to check spam folders.

ADL Health offers a fast and easy at home testing solution for travel.

ADL Health is proud to now offer United Airlines guests a COVID-19 testing solution that meets the State of Hawaii’s pre-travel testing program requirements. Order your test today. Aloha!